Lay’s Pico de Gallo Chips

Is it just me, or does it seem like Lay’s is coming out with new potato chip flavors like every few weeks lately? According to their website, there are now over 50 different varieties of Lay’s potato chips. You can get a different kind every week of the year and never get the same one twice!

In my latest trip to Target, I snagged a bag of these Lay’s Pico de Gallo flavored chips.

Lay's Pico de Gallo chips bag

One of my guilty pleasures is munching on chips and salsa while watching baseball on TV. The saltiness, the spiciness, the crunch, the texture — it’s just a perfect snack to accompany a ball game. The only thing I hate about chips and salsa is that I ALWAYS manage to spill some salsa on myself. That transition from salsa bowl to mouth is a tricky one — a task I have yet to master. The beauty of these Lay’s Pico de Gallo chips is that there’s no salsa to be spilled! Yay for less effort and less spillage 🙂

Lay's Pico de Gallo chips bowl

While I’m kinda digging these chips, I don’t know if I would identify the flavor as “pico de gallo” though. If I just started eating these chips without looking at the bag, I think I’d describe the flavor as “tomato soup with a little kick.” If you love tomato soup, you’d probably love these chips. There’s also a pretty strong presence of cilantro, paprika, and lime in here, which all join forces to give it that extra “kick.”

Lay's Pico de Gallo chip

So does it beat eating some regular ol’ chips and salsa? Not at all. But I’m glad I tried it, and I have yet to spill a chip on myself, even after several servings.

Lay's Pico de Gallo nutrition

The Verdict: Give it a try if you like chips and salsa (or tomato soup with a kick), but I have a feeling it’ll be just another one of those quirky flavors that we’ll soon forget months from now. Get it while you can.


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